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The Laws of Business with Legalpreneur feat. Andrea Sager

Welcome back to The Beef! In today’s episode, we host Andrea Sager and learn about her business, Legalpreneur, where she teaches entrepreneurs everything they didn’t know they needed to know about the legal aspects of their business. Join us as she shares her motivation to start and build Legalpreneur, and what her long term goal for the business is. You’ll hear why a subscription model works so well for small business owners, why the average cost of legal support is so varied, and why rebranding is one of the biggest headaches your business will ever face. You’ll also find out how her business is growing, why she offers so much education for free, and what it is like for her to be a Latinx female in a male dominated career, plus so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

Welcome to Andrea Sager with Legalpreneur.
Ice-breaker question: what is your favorite meal to cook and why?
Andrea’s story of building a business in college and starting her legal career.
The defining moment that sparked the start of the business she has today.
Making a million dollars in under two years after going out alone as Andrea Sager Law.
Her motivations for founding Legalpreneur with a long-term goal to sell for a billion dollars.
Why a subscription model is so effective for small business owners.
The 12-month commitment basis and why Andrea decided to introduce it.
Why the average cost of legal support is so varied.
The story of a client Andrea met three years ago and the trademark issues she faced.
Why rebranding is one of the biggest headaches business owners will ever have to face.
Who Legalpreneur’s ideal client is.
The number one way to get started: with the Legal Protection Playbook.
How a lack of knowledge and funding for legal support holds business owners back.
What the Legalpreneur membership gives you access to.
How the business is set to grow going forward.
What Andrea learned from Ramit Sethi about educating people for free and charging a premium to work with you.
Challenges associated with being Latinx and female in a male-dominated industry.
What Andrea talks about on her three podcast episodes per week.
The Beef’s upcoming rebrand.
Why John the Marketer loves reading about legal stuff.
Andrea’s gift of distilling legal content to something engaging and easy to understand.


“Rebranding is one of the biggest headaches you will ever have to face as a business owner.” — Andrea Sager [0:19:33]

“Legalpreneur is not a law firm. We teach you everything you didn’t know you needed to know about the legal side of your business, and provide protection.” — Andrea Sager [0:22:04]

“We do a ton of free education because we know that, once our audience is educated and they’re ready to grow, they’re ready to get that legal protection, they’re going to come to us because they already trust us.” — Andrea Sager [0:32:33]

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