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The Business of Lifestyles with Awaken Wealth Partners feat. Matthew Miller

Welcome back to the Beef! Joining us in conversation today is Matt Miller with Awaken Wealth Partners. Tune in to this episode to hear why he brought his career in sales to an end to start Awaken Wealth Partners, what he would like to see done differently within the financial industry, and why relationships are central to his approach. Listen to Matt’s process behind naming his consultancy, and why Matt believes that our modern perspective on balancing life and work is wrong, and that equal partnership is essential for husbands and wives. We touch on having a long-term focus, understanding which of your assets are investments, and what Matt means by having a triple bottom line, along with what he considers the four different forms of health and the shape that debt can take in your life, which is definitely not always financial.

Key Points From This Episode:

Welcome to Matt Miller with Awaken Wealth Partners.
Ice-breaker question
Matt’s experience of growing up in a blended family, living in different states, and working in the packaging world.
Starting out in sales and what motivated him to pursue a different career.
Who he is looking for as a client at Awaken Wealth.
What Matt would like to see done differently within the financial industry.
The value of relationships you can trust.
What inspired the name ‘Awaken Wealth Partners’ and what they aim to do.
Why Beefy Marketing uses their work for Awaken Wealth Partners as a portfolio piece.
Why Matt believes that our perspective on balancing life and work is wrong.
The importance of having equal partnership between husbands and wives.
Core competencies at Awaken Wealth Partners.
Why relationships are at the core of all business relationships.
What he believes needs to change in the industry.
Keeping the long term at the front of your focus.
What Matt encourages people to remember: your home is the only appreciating asset.
Why Matt believes that every home operates like a business, but not every business operates like a home.
The idea of a triple bottom line for your business and why it is necessary.
Why seasons and changes are a reality.
The power of reaching out to others and getting the advice you need.
How debt comes in a variety of forms too.
The four categories of health and why they are important.

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“We would like to awaken as many people as possible to their fullest potential. We say that wealth comes in a variety of forms. It is not only quantitative in form. It is qualitative.” — Matt Miller [0:16:47]

“We’ve got it wrong in my opinion with work-life balance. No! It’s life work balance. The work supports the life.” — Matt Miller [0:21:47]

“Our behaviors dictate our outcomes.” — Matt Miller [0:33:10]

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