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Art on Display with DaVinci Artist's Gallery feat. Eric Sundin & Larry Zarra

Welcome back to the Beef! Joining us in conversation are Larry and Eric from DaVinci Artists Gallery in historic Main Street, Tomball. This business is different from anything we’ve talked about over here before because, rather than a sole proprietorship, it’s a cooperative consisting of 16 talented artists. Tune in to hear about the unique structure that makes this gallery work, and the journeys that have led to Eric and Larry’s involvement today. Learn about the cut DaVinci Artists Gallery takes from each sale and why, and how the artists work together to vote for the leadership they believe in. We discuss the selection process and what we consider when new artists apply, and the work they are doing with Lone Star College students at the gallery. You’ll learn about exciting upcoming events you can attend, how the Gallery has changed the area, and why accessibility is so integral to DaVinci Artists Gallery’s approach.

Key Points From This Episode:

A reminder that in six episode’s time, we are changing our brand entirely.
Welcome to Larry and Eric from DaVinci Artists Gallery in Main Street Tomball.
What each of them does to unwind; painting, cooking, and Nintendo Switch.
Larry’s background working in the oil industry which brought him to Tomball.
His woodturning work that motivated him to get involved with DaVinci Artists Gallery.
Eric’s experience working in oil and gas before becoming a draftsman and digital artist.
The journey to collaborating with DaVinci Artists Gallery.
DaVinci Artists Gallery’s structure as a membership-based cooperative rather than a sole proprietorship.
How Larry came to work in the role of director at DaVinci Artists Gallery.
Why DaVinci Artists Gallery only takes 15% of every sale.
How the 16 contributing artists work together with leadership having been voted in.
The selection process and the two considerations behind each new artist that is brought in.
The work they are doing with Lone Star College students including an internship program.
An invitation to 26 October’s Sip ‘n Stroll.
Changes in the area since the Gallery’s opening.
The sales Eric made at 409 Commerce Tomball.
Why accessibility is so important to DaVinci Artists Gallery.
Why you will find only original artworks in the gallery with a low price point.
The $5 cigarette box machine where you can purchase a tiny artwork.
John’s experience with his daughter at the gallery.
Getting to know the story behind the art and the artist to increase the emotional bond between patrons and their purchases.
The balance of extroversion and extraversion necessary to be a successful creative.
Their weekly open house from 5 to 8 pm every second Saturday: Fresh Art.
The ‘rehang’ process which keeps the artists moving and creating new work every month.
How collectors keep the artists on their toes.
The reality that we are all our own worst critics.
The surprising range of work that resonates with buyers.
John’s plaque and why it didn’t work out so well.
Where to find DaVinci Artists Gallery digitally.
The art classes and private events hosted by the gallery.
An invitation to visit the gallery at 315 West Main Street.


“Everyone feels very comfortable at DaVinci Artists Gallery. It’s more of a family than a business and the exposure for all the artists is amazing. It’s really fun.” — Eric Sundin [0:09:40]

“When you come in and look at our art and you look at the price points you’ll see that it’s really accessible. It’s not like some galleries where you’ll come in and you will roll your eyes. We recognize where we are and we want it to be accessible.” — Larry Zarra [0:25:12]

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